How I Hid my Cords on my Fireplace/Accent Wall

Ever since I made my DIY Faux Brick accent wall using Airstone, I get asked “how did you hide your cords?” at least 10 times a day. So I wanted to make a blog post and show you all what I used to hide my cords.  This is everything that I used.

You can click on the photos to take you to the product to learn more.


Wireless Remote Control Outlets

These are awesome because I have added pendant lighting on both sides of my tv. You plug your outlet into these and then you can turn them on and off with the remote. It makes things easier.

Cable Organizer Kit

So the top box goes behind your tv. You put all your cords inside of it and bring them out the bottom box. The bottom box then plugs into the outlet. This puts your cords behind your wall rather than down your wall. Make sense?

Staple Gun

I used my staple gun to staple my cords from my pendant lights to the wall. You can staple cords to be hidden along your wall, if needed.

12′ HDMI Cable

A 12′ HDMI cable was critical for us because our TV is so high and the outlet was so far away. After we had put out cable organizer kit (above) together, we needed a longer cable cord for our tv. So we bought this.

Cord Hiding Strips

Whew…with all the new technology, they need to invent completely wireless tv’s already…agree?



Electric Fireplace

I also get asked if I mounted the TV before or after I installed the Airstone. I mounted the TV FIRST. Although you can drill through Airstone, it’s best not to do that. Mount your TV, then install the bricks around the mount, then you can put your TV back on the wall. This ensures your TV is being properly attached to the wall as it is intended.


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