DIY AirStone Veneer Brick Accent Wall

This room has been a challenge from day 1. The TV is a 72 inch flatscreen so it takes up the majority of the wall. The living room and dining room are connected and open. The living room is narrow and very long. And after much rearranging and creative concepts, this was the best place for the TV. Scott likes to watch TV while he eats at the table, and the furniture wasn’t going to work laid out any other way because of doors and windows.


The wall had been primed for a clean slate and we were just so indecisive about what we wanted to do. We thought about building a custom media cabinet, but that would be so expensive + we’re not expert woodworkers, yet. 😉 I drew up some rough sketches and we settled on this one…

Adding a flatscreen electric fireplace underneath the TV would balance out the visual weight of the TV. The brick would add interest and texture, which was much needed because the TV took up such a large space of the wall. I read that you’re not suppose to put a fireplace underneath a TV, but we have electric heat so we won’t be using the heat setting on the fireplace. We primarily got the fireplace to balance out the TV..and, it’s really pretty. We got the fireplace as a custom order at Menards. It has several LED color flame options as well as a dimmer.


 Now we measured and marked our walls where we wanted the brick to end. We didn’t want to do the entire wall. I wanted just the TV and fireplace accented. The initial plan was to build OUT and then put the brick on the frame + add floating shelves directly on the wall. But, after we installed the fireplace we realized it really didn’t look bad to put the stone directly onto the wall. It actually looked REALLY good!



We looked several places for veneer stone that looked realistic. We didn’t want to put real brick on the wall because quite frankly, we are lazy and didn’t want to deal with all that. We wanted to just stick it directly on the wall and be done with it. We really loved AirStone after seeing it at Lowe’s. I loved how you could just put the stone directly on the wall with some AirStone adhesive. Seemed easy enough. So I decided on using AirStone and I wanted to mix the colors “Autumn Mountain” (which is more warm colors: think orange, brass) and “Spring Creek” (which is cool colors: think blues, grey). AirStone is currently available at Lowe’s and also on

For those of you wondering, I got this directly off AirStone website- “AirStone is non-flammable, non-combustible and safe to use around wood stoves and fireplaces. It has a Class A rating in accordance with ASTM E-84 standards.  AirStone Interior Adhesive is rated up to a temperature of 120˚F, and AirStone Exterior Adhesive (which can be used indoors) is rated up to a temperature of 300˚F.”


I started from the bottom of the wall keeping within my marked lines. The bottom was the hardest part because the stones kept slipping down the wall. I applied 3 rows and let it sit to cure.

I used a masonry blade (a blade without teeth) to cut down the brick to make sure i was following my marked lines.


When I first applied to adhesive I was impressed. It was very soft and fluffy-unlike putty. This was creamy. And the directions say to apply to like you’re “icing a cupcake” and “not buttering your toast”. I thought was a really good analogy because you don’t want to apply it too thin.

The adhesive comes in small buckets (128-fl oz.) so I wasn’t sure how many buckets I was going to need. I was surprised it only took 3 buckets to complete this project. Not bad for $14.97 a bucket 😉


I used a level to make sure each stone was level. If it wasn’t level, I raised it up with a piece of card stock paper until it was level.


Try your hardest not to get any adhesive on the face of the bricks. If you get some adhesive on the face of the brick, clean it BEFORE it dries. If it dries, you will have to use a washcloth and “keep it damp for at least 20 minutes or longer until it starts to loosen up). You should then be able to scrub the adhesive off using more water and a soft toothbrush. So just try your best to get the adhesive off before it dries.


Lots of leveling to make sure the bricks are even and straight.

This was easily one of the most time + cost efficient, but most dramatic DIY I have completed to date.




The paint color I used is Hammered Zinc by HGTV HOME

I’m very, very happy with how this turned out.

I would buy AirStone a million times over and over because I love it THAT much. We’re actually going to add some brick onto a pillar that’s in our dining room to help connect the two rooms in the open floor plan.

I think eventually I may add some mirrors with overlays on each side of the brick to reflect more light and make the space seem even bigger.

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  1. I LOVE your blog. I use it all the time. But I have one little critique. You are amazingly intelligent, eloquent and incredibly beautiful. But when you drop the T’s in words (as in this video where your said, “Autumn Mou-in, it makes you sound like a Valley Girl. You are far too smart to be mistaken for a Valley Girl.

  2. I love your wall AND YOUR ACCENT! It’s exactly what I want to do in my living room. Thanks for the excellent instructional video. Very helpful.
    Would you please share info on that beautiful fireplace. You said its LED. Amazing. It looks very real in your video. Where did you purchase it? A link would be great.
    So glad I found your blog. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  3. How do the sides of the stone look? Do the Airstone pieces have finished sides? I’m worried that the cut sides would be exposed.

  4. Great project! I wish we had a boring wall we could do this with!
    Some comments:
    – I can’t tell dimensions on your wall, but it is generally recommended that wall mounted TVs have the center at eye level height, typically when sitting on the couch, about three feet. Otherwise, you have to look upward a an uncomfortable angle.
    – for pieces that have to be cut at the ends of the courses, I would set the bricks with the cut end against the next brick, not at the end, where it would be visible. (And chip up that cut edge a but so it looks natural)
    – How is the TV mounted? Flush mounts look great, but it’s very difficult to pull it out to get to those ports. With an articulated mount, you can swing it out for rear access, and you can put LED accent lights glowing out from behind it. A different look than yours, but more practical.
    – In older houses(and some sloppily built new ones!) the walls are not always plumb, level and rectangular. Instead of using a level, I would measure the height and put guidelines every foot or so to match up to. Otherwise you might end up having your perfectly level courses butt up against a crooked ceiling!
    – If your last, top course is less than the exact distance, instead of slicing the blocks in half, plan ahead and fill the last one and a half courses with vertical blocks cut to the right length.

  5. I like what you fellows are up to. This kind of smart work and coverage! Keep up the wonderful work friends, I’ve you my personal blogroll.

  6. That looks beautiful. Any chance you could post a picture of the end result (after the cupboards and light fixtures were installed)?

  7. Your wall is beautiful!!! I was wondering if I could see a picture of the totally finished project. I’m not sure how to “decorate” either side of my faux brick accent wall when I do mine.
    Thank you for the amazing idea!!!!

  8. I have that fireplace or one very similar . The vent is on top . Are the stones so flat that it does not block the vents ? I hope that question makes sense . Thanks for posting. I planned to build out a fireplace with wood after seeing this post I will out the stones directly on the wall.

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