What You Get



With any design purchase you will receive  a complimentary “Complete Bedroom Decorating Guide” filled with 23 pages of decorating tips and suggestions. This will be an automatic download after your purchase.



After your puchase and you have submitted your purchase and the design questionnaire, I will be in contact with you shortly (maximum 24 hours).  I will create your design boards and you will be able to choose from three different designs based on your design answers. You will receive the three design boards within 2 business days after your submission. If you purchased the the “I JUST NEED A LITTLE HELP” design package, you will be set to go and you can start creating your room based off the design board! You will receive your final design board with decorative accent pieces (such as decorative pillows, rug, artwork, furniture selections) and a color palette to help you pull everything together!



If you purchased the “COMPLETE DESIGN PACKAGE”  I will send you the clickable shopping list, design board, and your final rendering of the design. You will be able to start on your room as soon as possible.

With my eDesign services, you can finish your room as time and budget allows.



You will have email access to me for 30 days after your purchase. I will assist you with any questions you may have.