The “Lindsey” Virtual Room Makeover

I feel so blessed to have found one of my life passions and I am even more blessed with my amazing clients. I still get excited when I get a new order, message, comment, or purchase from someone who chose me to virtually set up their home!

Here are some before pictures of one of my latest projects…



On the other side of this room is a dining room. It’s an open floor concept. The family wanted orange/red, black, cream, dark hardwood floors, plants, and contemporary/modern. They needed more seating/furniture to be able to enjoy their time together, at home. Once the design board was approved (top left pic  ⇓)  Here is what I created…msc modern sleek-1

It’s hardly recognized as the same room! I suggested a U-shaped sectional because of the way the room is designed. And…did you see the size of that TV?!?! This family watches a lot of TV, movies, and plays video games and they wanted something comfortable for movie nights and cuddling. I gave them a storage ottoman in the middle for extra storage. I placed ceiling and floor drapery on the windows to give the room more height.

modern sleek-17

I placed these semi-opaque circle dividers floor to ceiling on both sides of the sofa table to divide the living room/ dining room. It helps divide the space, but because they aren’t completely closed off and they’re transparent, it allows the room to still feel open. I placed extra ottomans under the sofa table for more storage and extra seating when friends are over. I added a wood entertainment center floor to ceiling for extra storage and to make the TV wall be the focal point. The entertainment center has cubbies for even more storage. And the wall lights with dimmers create a perfect ambience for movie/romantic nights at home.

modern sleek-1

I added a large mirror on the wall to create balance with the window. The room is long but it’s narrow so placing the mirror on the opposite side creates a more open feeling to the room. I also added a wall (tile) mirror from floor to ceiling on the dining room wall. The tiles create an extra texture, whilst making the room feel even larger.The chandelier above the table will create such a beautiful cast on the mirror that will illuminate the room.modern sleek-6

The space between the dining room and living room is large enough to add a faux fireplace and more seating. This family enjoys reading and board games so I gave them another storage ottoman to hold all their books and board games. The ottoman has a printed floral fabric that adds texture and coincides with the pillows and curtains.

The family loves it and plans on doing everything suggested although with a tight budget it may take awhile. But at least they can now envision what it would look like, what to do, and how to lay it all out with the furniture, color schemes, patterns, and all the other ideas suggested. Thank you for allowing me to virtual decorate your home!




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