Smithson Room Design

smithson jpg

This design is very different than what I normally do. I love using pops of bright colors, but my clients who contacted me wanting something different. This room was designed for a couple in Tennessee who own a log cabin. They wanted neutral colors, not too masculine but also not too feminine, while still incorporating a relaxing environment of their log cabin. The items they owned and wanted the design based off of are the rug and the “to the moon and back” artwork. The above design board was approved and it was time to get to work…This is the final look for their bedroom.


The couple didn’t want a TV, but they wanted a space for them to be able to relax, read books, drink wine and just wind down and enjoy their time together. Based on the dimensions, I was able to fit a king size bed with a lounge area.


I added a fireplace with seating on each side with some neutral fabric on the decorative pillows. I gave them crisp, clean, white swag curtains to draw the eye up and create a relaxing, airy but cozy look to the room.


To separate the bed with the lounge area I gave them sheer swag curtains. By separating the space with sheer curtains tied back it divides the space, but still gives them an open living concept. The curtains are on a track that extends to close off that end of the room, if they choose.


I found artwork that coincides with the colors in the rug and ..ya gotta have candles, candles, candles for a romantic retreat!!!!!




Thank you Smithsons for choosing me to help you decorate your cabin!

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