Jayli’s 6th Birthday

My baby girl is officially six! It’s hard to believe I’m the mother of a SIX year old. I’m not quite sure where the time has went, but we’ve been enjoying the time nevertheless. On her official birthday we celebrated with a cupcake from Sweetheart Cupcakessang happy birthday, and opened a couple presents, but the real fun began the day after…


Despite not bringing my SD card (BIG oops!) I was able to take some decent photos off my phone. We only had 15 minutes to set up everything before the party began. And then we only had 2 hours to swim, sing happy birthday, cut and serve the cake, open presents, and clean/dissemble everything. As soon as we got there it was crunch time and we were rushing around like crazy to get everything done and still let the kids enjoy the fun. Pictures were a necessity for memories, but I wasn’t able to get many because of all the rushing around.


Here is a little picture of one part of the splash park with the slides.


We had a toy box to let kids pick their favors out of the “treasure chest” (we filled it with real sand! and you can see what all we filled it with by clicking here) And Scott bought some extra stuff before the party that I didn’t get pictures of. He picked up a foam pirate sword, squirt guns, light up toy, bubbles, chalk, a bouncy ball, etc… He also ordered 6 pizzas and picked up some pop and suckers!


The toy chest was SO FULL I had to take out the sandbox toy and ended up using it to put the suckers in, kinda worked out nicely. 20150606_160552

This was my favorite. We used a plastic fish bowl (glass wasn’t allowed at the splash park), filled it with goldfish crackers, and served it out of a net. HOW CUTE! 20150606_160300

Here is her cake! Isn’t it beautiful? It was made by Scott’s mom. She is a very talented and we feel so blessed/loved she went out of her way to make a cake for her.


It tasted really good, too! The inside was half strawberry and half chocolate with whipped icing. I’m still not sure what the crunchy “sand” was. Scott wasn’t sure either. But it tasted YUMM! 20150606_170753

Here are some pictures of Jayli and her friends. I won’t say names, because I am not sure the other parents would want that out there. But they sure are cuties! Some of them are from our hometown and the other ones are her new friends from her new school. ♥Screenshot_2015-06-07-00-12-42

20150606_170753 1


I can’t forget to share this! Here is a short clip from the party. We wish you could have all been there to share this fun day. But since you couldn’t be there, I hope you at least enjoyed reading about it. Thank you for all the Birthday wishes for my big SIX year old! We love you!

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