Jaylis 6th Birthday Party-Planning

First off, WHEN did she become my big almost SIX year old? How is that EVEN POSSIBLE!??!! YOU GUYS!! I know most of you reading this have children around Jaylis age so I know you can understand the disbelief and denial right now. They say time flies by even faster when they start school and I truly believe that. It seems like she just started kindergarten and now she’s going into first grade. FIRST GRADE!!

Summer break is here and her birthday is right around the corner. I got a little late start for her party this year because it just snuck up on me. Her bday is Friday, but we’re having her party on Saturday. She invited some friends from her old school and friends from her new school. It is also high school graduations/open house this weekend, but we’re still hoping for a good turn out. We’re rented out Splash Island (pictured below) and fingers crossed the weather cooperates.


I took these pictures with my phone so I apologize for the poor quality. I needed to get this blog post up before the party!


Jayli picked a mermaid theme considering it’s at a pool it seemed fitting, ha. I don’t like buying EVERYTHING theme coordinated because I feel like it just becomes too “matchy-matchy”, so we got paper plates, a centerpiece, and a banner in The Little Mermaid theme. To break up the color without over doing the theme, we still need to get a plain colored tablecloth, a net, some sand (or brown sugar), and some other odds and ends.


I saw this “treasure chest” toy box and thought it would be perfect to throw some party favors in there and let them get whatever they want instead of making individual party favors because we are on a bit of a time crunch.


A genius idea popped in my head when we were looking at snacks. I saw the goldfish and instantly thought about putting them in a fish bowl (instead of a regular bowl or individual packets) and they could get them out of the bowl with a net (instead of a spoon). I wasn’t sure I would be able to find a plastic fish bowl because glass is NOT allowed at the splash park. Scott reassured me we would find one. He made some phone calls before we went running all over everywhere and Pet Smart has them there for $8! We got the 1 gallon bowl.


How cute are these coins! They’re chocolates! We found them at Party City for .07 a piece. I’m thinking about using this as “confetti” on the table.

There are still some other odds and ends we need to get (balloons, wrapping papers, some more decor, etc..) but I wanted to get this blog post up before we ran out of time! You know I’ll be sharing the pictures with you guys after the party! If you have any ideas or want to share your pics with me, leave a comment or message me. ♥




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