January Favs- #CraftyGirl Edition

I decided I’m going to start keeping track of my monthly DIY favorites series. At the end of every month I will sit down and let you know what I’ve been using and loving, and what my favorite DIY supplies are. I see a lot of beauty gurus do these, but have not seen any DIY crafty girls series so this should be fun! Let me know what your favorites are and if you’ve used any of these.

Elder and Jenks iBrush Paintbrush

This is the first paintbrush I have used that I felt deserved to be recognized. The Elder and Jenks iBrush paintbrush is absolutely amazing. I painted some trim and it glided like butter.

Elder and Jenks iBrush Series

I got this paintbrush at my local True Value Hardware Store and searched everywhere online for you. I was able to find it, give it a try and let me know what you think!

Pink Tool Box

These tools were a Christmas gift from Scotts Aunt, Hey Andi! I love these because, well, they’re pink, and they’re good quality. I love having an extra set of tools for inside. It’s been super cold here and that means I don’t have to go to the garage to get a tool every time I need one since I have an extra set inside.

Pink Tool Box 30-Piece Tool Set

Extra SD cards + SD Card Holder/Organizer

My SD card broke and Best Buy was having a sale on theres so I picked up 6 SD cards. One for LJDECOR, current projects, home videos, pictures, etc… I found this organizer on Amazon and it’s been so useful in keeping all of my cards together and organized. I just labeled them with some Dollar Tree stickers so that I won’t get them mixed up.

SD Card / SD Card Holder

Personal Planner

I have been diligent on using this planner. Every Sunday I’ll sit down and write down the daily tasks that need to get done for the week. It’s helping me to be more efficient with my time, and less stressed with school, work, and my home life.

You can create your own personal planner here 

Paint Trim Cup

Dollar Tree has these paint trim cups for $1 and they are one of my favorite things. The paint just glides right off of them and they’re easy to wash. It has a handle and a spout so that you can pour the excess paint back into the can without a mess. I use this for trim work and it’s saved me so many times from hoping off the ladder to get more paint.

Paint Trim Cup

Spray Paint Gripper

I’ve been using this for quite awhile and I love it. The spray paint grip easily fastened to any brand of spray paint can and prevents your fingers from getting sore if you’re spraying a big piece of furniture. It keeps your hands clean and gives a smoother application of spray paint. If you don’t own one of these, it’s worth it! I promise!

Spray Paint Gripper

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