Interior Decorator-Business Woman-My Must Have Supplies

I can’t wait to do an office tour for you guys one of these days. I’ll have to show you all my supplies once my office is organized and up to par. ūüėČ But until then, here are some of my must haves. Keep in mind that I am not just an interior decorator. I am also an¬†eDesigner for Houzz, blogger for HomeTalk, and a business owner managing a YouTube channel, a website, and an online store. These are my top must haves to keep my business (and life) organized and productive.

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Personal Planner

This planner has made my life so much more productive. Every Sunday I sit down and collect all my notes from the previous week and then I plan out my meetings, consults, videos for YouTube, blog posts, meals, and whatever else we have going on. It has been a lifesaver. You can design one for yourself at



I use highlighters in my planner every single day. I use a different color for each category in my life.¬†I’ve got the colors memorized so when I look at my week, I automatically know what needs to be done.¬†If you don’t do this, try it out. I swear by it.










Measuring Tape

This one is obvious and this is the exact tape measure I have (well, one of them) and I love it. Funny fact, when I was dating Scott I stopped by his house before¬†a consultation because¬†I needed a tape measure so he¬†let me use this one. I liked it so much that he gave it to me. I have learned to keep two in tape measures in my car, one in my purse, and two at home (ha ha, not even kidding!) You’ll never know when you’re going to need to measure something because you might just buy¬†an awesome¬†statement piece¬†only to realize it was too big (or small) for the space.

Sketch pad

Whether I’m sketching out a room layout or video ideas, this sketch pad is a staple in my life. As much as I love electronics, I equally love to the act of physically writing something down and being able to erase, re-do, and reference, as needed.

Pencils with erasers


My macbook is my baby. I have everything I need stored in there with Photoshop, movie editing programs, SketchUp and other 3D software, my school, P+L forms, literally everything.

MacBook Case

Gotta protect my baby.

Quad Paper

I love using my quad paper to draw out room layouts, furniture arrangements, etc…

Paint Fans

I’m a distributor for Benjamin Moore so I have more paint fans than I can count. It’s nice to have them handy for clients. Speaking of paint…have you read this article?

Fabric Swatches

I’m also a distributor for Carole Fabrics. I have their entire collection and it’s so nice to be able to pinpoint a clients style and show them different styles in that book to choose from for custom bedding, window treatments, etc…

Distributors on File

I have a list of all my distributors¬†with my¬†trade membership account #, companies phone #, sales rep, and online username and passwords. ¬†i can¬†quickly reference it if I have a question about delivery, out of stock products, touch base with current sales, etc…

Filing Cabinet

I list all of my clients in a separate filing cabinet along with their phone number, (and email) address, contracts, photos, design questionnaires, etc…This makes it easy to send out thank you cards, touch base, and refresh my memory for returning clients. ¬†To see how I made over my filing cabinet, click here.

Filing Folders

Because what good is a filing cabinet without folders

Label Maker

I use my label maker for everything because anything and everything looks nicer on a printed label.

Organize receipts and P+L

Every time I buy supplies for LJDECOR, I will put the receipts according to the month. This makes it easier to enter in my P+L at the end of the month.

I’m curious if YOU have any additional tips and/or products that you can’t live without!? Please let me know so that I can look into them myself. I am always open to new ideas and I love organizational products. What am I missing out on?

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