Horror, ZOMBIE, Blood & Brains!!


Here is a horror themed room I created. It’s so much to get creative and go crazy on designs. There are no limits and rules. I like to show you all what is possible. I got the inspiration for this room on vacation. We visited Des Moines, Iowa and while we were there we stopped at this place called Zombie BurgerAlso, Scott suggested I do a horror theme room because he is a big horror movie buff…I think I made him proud. ha.
horror room-58

horror room-59

horror room-62

horror room-61

horror room-60

horror room-57

horror room-56

horror room-55

I turned the TV armoire into a blood splattered coffin

horror room-54

No horror room is complete without Michael Myers and Jason.

horror room-53

….and zombies…

horror room-52

…and brains….
horror room-45

…and lots of blood…

horror room-44

The coffee table is actually made out of bones….

horror room-43

horror room-42

I impelled zombies in between the glass ceilings.

horror room-41

and used plenty of skeletal bones as accessories.

horror room-40
horror room-31

Gotta have the “REDRUM” on the wall.

horror room-30…and Chucky, too!
horror room-25

The blood splattered pillows gives such a beautiful gory touch to it, eh?horror room-24

horror room-23

horror room-22

horror room-21

I hope you enjoyed this design! It’s definitely not something for everyone, but art usually never is.

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