Find Your Anchor

The first step in decorating is knowing your design style. I always ask my clients to share some inspiration with me. This can be their Pinterest board, a painting, a piece of clothing…really, anything! I also have them take a design questionnaire to get to know more about them. But today, we’re going to discuss the starting point; the first step in the decorating process where we find the inspiration to base the whole room around. I call this the “anchor” to the room.

Design Studio

The anchor in the photo above is the artwork on the wall. Everything in this room was based (and decorating around) the artwork. Once you’re able to find your anchor, it’s easy to finish the room off with accessories. Granted, this room is a design center so it lacks individual personality and flare, but the same rules apply.

How to Decorate with Black Walls

The black walls in this room give it a dramatic effect. When adding in color to a room with black walls, every other color is going to pop because of the contrast.  The anchor here is the black walls. If you want to know more about how to decorate with black walls, click here. 

Small Bathroom, Small Budget

The anchor here is the dalmatian walls. I had be careful about adding in too many other patterns because I didn’t want it to be too overwhelming or busy. I broke the dalmatian walls up by leaving 1 wall plain white, big pieces of white storage, and a pottery barn inspired shower curtain. Everything I put into this room was chosen based off my anchor = the dalmatian walls.

Updated Playroom

Again, the anchor in this room is the DIY Activity Wall in this playroom. I wanted to bring in some textures, patterns, and artwork to give the room a pop of color and fun, without being too overwhelming.

The anchor here is the gummy bear lights. Everything in this room was chosen because I wanted to highlight the gummy bear lights in this room. The bedding is simple, but has two accent pillows that help to tie in the colors of the gummy bear lights.

The anchor in this photo is the collage artwork. I like to use colorful photos against dark walls. The white pillows helps “break up” the colors while being complimentary of the white frames and borders in the photos, while the colorful pillow helps to tie in the colors of the artwork.

I really hope this post is making sense. I am trying to break it down into the simplest of terms, but decorating isn't always that easy because I really like to get my clients personality into the rooms, (as you can tell by this post, there are several different decorating styles). It's easier for me to do it than explain it. I'm trying my best :)

The anchor in this photo is the artwork in the living room. The red, black and white color scheme all stemmed from the artwork.

The anchor in this room could be several different things because this decorating style is eclectic. Everything goes together, but nothing really matches. It looks lived in and cozy. The anchor in this photo blue velvet couch. This could have been taken several different routes, but the color scheme here is warm and cool. Cool (blues, mint, navy, teal) and Warm (red, pinks, orange). The textured solid rug, the solid red curtains, muted wall colors, and neutral chairs helps to “break up” the colors. It would be easy to change out the artwork, pillow, and strip of pattern on the curtain, for a whole new design scheme.

This is a kids art studio so the anchor here is the colorful aprons hanging on the wall. It is easy to do inexpensive things to decorate a room, just like the colorful handprints above the aprons.

The anchor in this room is the chandelier. Everything was based off the lighting which is elegant, classy, and sophisticated.

Betsey Johnson in New York Apartment

Once you find that one piece that really calls you and can sum up everything that you want your home to look and feel like, decorating around that piece is so much easier.

What is your anchor or inspiration for your home?







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