“Elle” Bedroom Makeover

Elle Bedroom Makeover


Here is the design board I created for this makeover. She wanted her room to include a desk area. She likes pastels and wanted a crisp, clean, chic and relaxing bedroom/study area. She already the bed frame you see above, but it’s black so I suggested painting it pink. The inspiration she sent me was the Alena Hennessy painting you see in the design board. Click here to buy the painting 

Based off the painting, I was able to pull those colors into the design and create the entire room off that piece of inspiration. I can literally pull inspiration from anything. So don’t be afraid to take something you love and base your room around that specific color scheme.

Elle Bedroom 15

The capiz chandeliers on both sides of the bed add some glamour, but it’s not overwhelming. I added a large ottoman at the foot of her bed for extra storage and mirrored side tables on both sides of her bed to create balance and extra storage.

Elle Bedroom6 copyright

The sheer floor to ceiling window treatments are perfect for keeping the room light and airy, while adding some texture to that side of the wall. Those doors open to a secluded patio…I can just imagine the perfect breeze coming through the doors blowing the curtains slightly.

Elle Bedroom11 copyright

I found a rug that incorporated the colors in the painting for under the bed. Adding an area rug with some fun prints is a great way to add some texture and visual interest to the space. Not to mention getting in and out of bed whilst stepping onto a rug just feels good on your feet!

Elle Bedroom13

In the nook beside another door was the perfect place to put a little desk and chair for studies. I chose a desk that had a shelving unit and above the desk I placed a bulletin board for whatever she needs to note up. Thank you, Elle, for choosing me to design your bedroom!




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